At the Jelenov greben homestead, exciting adventures abound, but feeding the animals is probably the special thing you cannot experience anywhere else and will therefore stay etched in your memory forever. They can also offer you a special culinary experience with the specialty of the house, the 3-course venison menu.

If you wish to experience the full picturesque variety of the Sotla Valley and Kozjansko, take a trip that will lead your from the most castle-like castle via a micro brewery and a golf course to the monastery and nearby chocolate shop, ending up with an up-close meeting with deer. Unforgettable adventure is only a step away.

The experience will lead you to Podčetrtek and its immediate surroundings. You will meet with the mayor of this small town, learn about the history of Terme Olimia resort, take on your friends in a game of golf and taste the unusual synergy of flavours at the Podčetrtek wine and chocolate festival. You simply cannot be bored at Podčetrtek.



A fun-filled experience, prepared with children, the young and heart and family adventurers in mind, will lead you on the trail of discovering the secrets of the Fairy tale and fantasy land, delight you with homemade ice cream and deer & moufflon petting, while the thrill seekers will love the many attractions available at the Aqualuna water park.

The experience will lead you around Podčetrtek and its immediate surroundings, where you will experience four different ways to relax: a game of golf, contact with nature & petting deer, the inviting smell of handmade chocolate pralines and pampering in a top-class wellness centre.

Visit to the medieval market square of Podsreda with its pillory, floral treatment plant, Carjevič throne and St John the Baptist church. This is followed by the discovery of the Slovenian-Bavarian house with the statue of Anton Aškerc. The Kozjanski park management office offers the following: a video presentation of the natural and cultural heritage of Kozjanski park, purchase of local produce and souvenirs from the shop, and juice tasting.